a fresh start

April 5, 2009

I have decided to start a new blog. The old one has been dormant for so long that I feel like I have to start fresh if I am ever going to make a commitment to becoming a regular blogger. I started the other blog at the beginning of 2008, before I was a mom – before becoming a mother was even on my radar. At the time, I did not know what I wanted to the blog to be about. I started off thinking I would use the blog as a way to record the progress of my goals for 2008. When I found out I was pregnant in January, the possibilities for what the year would bring changed dramatically. All of a sudden, I had a whole new set of hopes, priorities, and, let’s face it, worries. Initially, I tried to stick with the blog as it was, but my focus had shifted and the things I wanted to talk about didn’t seem to fit with the original purpose of the blog. Eventually, in all of the hurly burly of pregnancy and motherhood, I stopped writing. At that point, catching up with the blog became one more thing on my to do list – one more thing I could not find the time or the motivation to tackle. My life is dramatically different from what it was a year ago. We have a son. We live in a new state. Dan has a new job. I am a stay at home mom trying to finish a never-ending dissertation. Many of the goals I set in January 2008 were put on hold or had to be reconsidered because of the pregnancy, financial concerns, and the move. Let’s review:

Academic Goals:
2008 – finish dissertation, attend to conferences, send out article for publications, go on job market. For reasons mostly associated with the timing and complications of my pregnancy, none of these things happened.
2009 – finish dissertation, go on job market.

Legal/Financial Goals:
2008 – Legally change name, get immigration papers in order, reduce consumption, pay off credit cards. I never got around to changing my name. We had to put immigration on hold because of financial loopholes. we succeeded in reducing our consumption. Carter’s arrival obviously required some new purchases but we are doing a great job keeping it to a minimum without depriving him. WE managed to pay off the credit cards and then ring them back up again because of the move.
2009 – Change name, immigration papers, pay off credit cards (again). Immigration paperwork is going out next week. We are making good progress towards paying off our credit cards. They are about 1/4 paid off.

Household Goals:
2008 – simplify and organize, green living. We have made good moves here but we can do better to practice the Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Repair, Return, Recycle. This has become less of a goal and more of a way of life for us. We make changes where we can and based on what we can afford (turns out green living can be pretty expensive).
2009: establish routines, decorate new apartment starting with Carter’s room.

Creative Goals
2008 – use up the craft stash, complete one craft project per month, create a life scrapbook , keep a one sentence journal, blog. Nope, nope, nope, nope. Lack of time and the need to focus on more pressing issues seriously hampered my ability to accomplish these goals. I did complete some craft projects, but not 12. My craft stash has grown (a little). the life scrapbook is a giant project. I managed to pair down and contain the mementos, but they remain in boxes. I started a one sentence journal but misplaced it and then forgot about it. I recently found it and have started it again this year. The blog – see above.
2009 – finish craft WIPs, blog.

So what’s the new blog about?  I have decided to keep it pretty simple.  I am not going to restrict myself to a particular topic or category of my life.  Rather, I plan on documenting my days and featuring pictures and projects that amuse or inspire me in some way. Basically, I am keeping it loose.  I want to start appreciating what I have and taking a closer look at the world around  me.  The time with Carter is passing so quickly I want to try and capture it before it is gone.  I also want to record the changes in myself as I grow into motherhood, begin my career, and continue to build a life with Dan.  

I am also thinking about experimenting with the style of writing on the blog.  I found that I put a lot of pressure on myself with this blog.  Updating became a chore and a task.  I was terrified that people would read it and pick apart the writing or comment on the depth of my insights etc.  I am an academic so I put a lot of stock in these things as well.  Still, I have no desire to drag my academic hang-ups into this forum.  I never wanted it to be that way.  I think a less formal style, like the martha ballardesque diary I keep, is more suitable for what I am trying to do.  Who knows, maybe I’ll hate that and just go back to writing.   I really would like to be less long-winded.  Ultimately, I guess I just thought that many of these posts have been boring.  Too long and too detailed (except for the baby posts:)   So the motto for the new blog is:  simplicity.  If you are interested, you can find me here