baby registry

May 24, 2008

Okay , so I realize that some of my friends and family are intimidated by the prospect of buying things online and would much rather purchase items in the stores.  Most of the items on the super duper baby checklist can be found at Babies R US or other retail stores.  On the other hand, some of you have no problem buying items online and would rather purchase items in this manner. 

Some of my friends and family have expressed concern about repeat gifts.  I have found a solution to the “how will we know if someone already bought you the item” problem that arises when you are working from the super duper baby checklist.  I created a multi-store registry (with pictures) on Wishpot.   If the link does not bring you to my lists, do a search under Jaime Dalrymple.  I have made two lists – Baby D Registry has the must have items and Baby D Wishlist, which is basically the “if money was no object” list – basically things I think are cute but a bit overpriced for our budget.   If you sign up (it only takes a few seconds) you can see what has been purchased or reserved by others.  This is great because you do not have to actually purchase the item online in order to check it off the list.  You just click a button and it will alert others that the item has already been purchased. In the case of the clothes, please feel free to check an item off if you bought something similar but not the exact brand specified on the list.  

I hope this helps!!


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