it’s a…

May 23, 2008

Guest post: Dan

Today we had another fabulous appointment with the doctor. Jaime had all of her vitals taken and measured and she was doing fine, which was a relief. Next, a medical student pretended to be a doctor and nodded blankly at all of our questions before bringing in the real doctor. She (the real doctor) assured us that everything that was happening was normal and that things were progressing well. The doctor said because everything measured up so well that we were free from appointments for another 4 weeks, which made us very happy.

As the appointment was reaching its conclusion, the doctor was telling us how the remainder of the pregnancy will go and I became irritated and asked when the next time we would see the baby would be. The doctor said that we should be able to see the baby through Jaime’s belly very soon. Unsatisfied with this, I blurted out “no, no when will we see the crotch!” Upon hearing this, the doctor remembered that we still did not know the sex of the baby and ran us down to the ultrasound room for an awesome free ultrasound which she refers to as “playing”.

It was immediately clear that the baby was once again being uncooperative. The doctor poked around with the wand for about 15 minutes before finally declaring that the fetus was a girl. Because the cord was over the crotch, however, this was only an 80% estimate. Despite this, we are taking this as hard and fast news that we have a girl! We have always been excited about the prospect of having a girl, so this was super news for us! We immediately went out and bought the baby one pink outfit prominently featuring strawberries. We are absolutely thrilled that we can stop calling the baby “it” and are very very excited.

I am ready for the baby to come out. This is such a long process and I want to meet the baby and tell her that she loves the Steelers, video games, and McDonald’s just like her dad. In the near future, we need to buy the baby clothes that (a) proclaim her love for the Steelers and (b) proclaim her love for her father.

In conclusion, this is the greatest baby ever. She is so surly and she hid from the doctor (gamely ducking behind the placenta) trying to find her heart rate for about 30 minutes. I am so happy about the baby and am very proud of Jaime for enduring the pain of being stuck with various medical instruments for over an hour. At the risk of sounding like one of those obnoxious people who is always ubiquitously affirming their love for their mate at the most inappropriate of times I must publish on this blog that Jaime is my favorite person and that I admire her strength every day.

The baby and I thank you (you in this case being Jaime and not the throngs of loyal readers) for everything and we love you! (the baby told me that last night)


One Response to “it’s a…”

  1. cmclean Says:

    Through all the insanity its so comforting to know that my daughter has such strong support from you Dan. As your mother-in-law, though you feel like a son. I know this all has been stressful for you also. With your humour and great outlook you seem to be able to still hold things together with your forever love. I thank-you for this. Love Mother-in Law

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