the super duper baby checklist

May 17, 2008

UPDATE: I created a multi-store registry on Wishpot. If you sign up (it only takes a few seconds) you can see what has been purchased or reserved by others.

Okay so here is the super duper baby checklist. This is the same list that I am working off of so if there is anything that seems excessive just assume we plan on buying it ourselves. We have a registry at Babies R Us in the United States and online at Amazon. The registries may seem a little trim. This is because a lot of the stuff we picked out was found at other stores on the web. In these cases I have indicated where and provided a link to the page where I originally found the item. Here is a key to the short forms I used for the list:

AMAZON – Baby Registry at -Jaime Dalrymple

BRU-US = Baby Registry at Babies R Us in the United States – Jaime Dalrymple

BRU-CAN – Saw it at Babies R Us in Windsor, Ontario

Item – if item is crossed out this means we already have it

*** those places on the list but not in the key are online stores

***quantities are listed at the end of each item

Bedding/Nursery Furniture/Organization



crib sheets – 2 sets of 2 (BRU-US)

white quilted mattress protector – 2 (BRU-US)

receiving blankets – 1 set of four (BRU-US)

sleep positioner – 1 (BRU-US)

artwork -melissa sweet – life on earth canvas wall art (GENIUS BABY)

bugs bugs bugs mobile – 1 (AMAZON)


breast pump (BRU-US)

glass bottles – 2 sets of six (BRU-US)

highchair – fisher price healthy care booster seat (AMAZON, BRU-CAN, WALMART)

pacifiers – natural rubber – 4 (AMAZON)

bibs –  (DIY)

Health, Safety, Hygiene

baby tub

hooded towel and wash set

baby care set – safety first (BRU-US)

teether – sophie the giraffe (AMAZON, BRU-CAN)

baby monitor (BRU-US)


play pen – graco pack n play (BRU-US)

stroller/carseat combo – chicco cortina travel system – discovery (BRU-US)

diaper bag (Target)


wipes- seventh generation (BRU-US, AMAZON)

disposable diapers seventh generation – size one (BRU-US, AMAZON)


swing  (BABIES R US)


I have not listed specifics below but for an idea of the style of clothes we like see Zutano (there is a list of stores/online shops if you click the blue tabs at the bottom of the home page – you can see the outfits a little better on these sites). You can find similar (and quite frankly less expensive) clothes at other stores. We also like Carter’s clothes, which can be found at retailers throughout Canada and the United States. But really we are not picky and have no real preference for the clothes (especially since the little one refuses to let us know if it is a boy or a girl). It’s a GIRL!!! I have added a few items I found online to the Wishpot registry (and I also updarted the Babies R Us and Amazon lists).

0-3 mo

onesies (0-3mo)

sleepers (0-3mo) – 10

one piece outfits – sort sleeve (0-3mo) – 3

one piece outfits – long sleeve (0-3mo) – 5

sweaters/jackets (0-3mo) – 5

pants(0-3mo) – 5


onesies (3-6mo) – 10

sleepers (3-6mo) -10

one piece outfits – long sleeve (3-6mo) – 10

sweaters/jackets (3-6mo) – 5

pants (3-6mo) – 5


socks – 10

booties -10

hats – 5

winter gear

winter hats – 2

mittens – 2

winter suit – 1


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