on order (soon)

April 21, 2008

I have decided on two of the quilt designs for the little bean.  One is the collaborative quilt design and the other is one I will make after the baby is born (because the pattern is not available until then).  I was searching the internet for collaborative quilt designs when I came across pattern bee.  There are some really cute embroidery patterns that I think will be perfect for a small baby quilt.  I am thinking of having the girls use fabric paint rather than embroidery thread because it will be faster and everyone will be able to do it relatively quickly.  Here are some of the patterns that I really love.  

The second quilt that I am dead set on making is Denise Schmidt’s “Single Girl” using her Katie Jump Rope Fabric. I think the whole starter set costs 114.00, which is a but steep but totally worth it.  I also think that  because I am doing a smaller quilt I will have lots of fabric left over for other projects. I have to get a pre-order because I am pretty sure that they will go fast once people start talking about it.  Here is the pattern and a pic of the fabric (that I found at purl soho).



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