piles of blankets pt. 1

April 20, 2008

This post is about blankets – specifically quilts.  After getting a little taste of the baby bedding sets out there I have decided that I would rather make some quilts and afghans (see piles of blankets pt. 2) for the baby’s room than purchase a matchy-matchy set that will not last past the infant stage.  I think handmade quilts and afghans are much more charming and add warmth to a more modern baby’s room.  The patterns  are a mix of classic, simple and modern.  I find all of these pics very inspiring. I can’t wait to order some fabric and get cracking!

From Top Left:
1.  pile of quilts – unknown
2.  multi crazy quilt (with pendants) – swallowfield
3.  multi crazy quilt –  trosper31
4.  hop skip jump (denise schmidt pattern) – unknown
5.  tan square baby quilt – lady harvatine
6.  quilt for auden (small squares) – lottielulu
7.  single girl quilt – denise schmidt
8.  copycat baby quilt – lady harvatine 

Well there they are.  I am also on the hunt for some examples of collaborative baby quilts.  I am thinking that for the shower (or a pre-baby craft party) I will have everyone make a quilt square and then incorporate it into a quilt for the baby.  I think this is sweet and fun and I have gotten some good feedback from some of the invitees about a project like this.  I think it will be much more fun and meaningful than a bunch of silly games.  So if you have any ideas, let me know.  


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