stubborn baby

April 30, 2008

Yesterday at 2pm we had the much anticipated 18 week ultrasound (aka the “we get to find out the sex of the baby” appointment).  Needless to say we were incredibly excited.  We told everyone, I posted the upcoming event on facebook, talked endlessly to my friends and family about the upcoming event.

At 1 pm I drank the required 32 oz of water and steeled myself against the overwhelming urge to pee.  thirty five minutes later we arrived at the OBGYN office.   After 15 minutes of waiting we were wisked away to the u/s room by our friendly (but mumbling) u/s tech.  Within minutes I was gelled up and looking at our baby.  Seeing the fully formed baby for the first time was a total trip.  I really do have a tiny human being growing inside of me!  After 30 minutes of measurements, the search began. Is it a boy or a girl?  Turns out the baby decided to fall asleep with legs crossed and the cord tucked neatly in between.  After about 5 minutes of searching the search was called off – inconclusive.  I thought, couldn’t you just poke a little harder and get the baby to move?  I refrained from suggesting this hoping that with the internal u/s we would be able to catch a  glimpse.  No dice.  This little bean just refused t give it up!  The u/s tech did not want to venture a guess but I am willing to bet she had her suspicions from the earlier part of the test when the baby was not crossing it’s legs.  She did inform us that it is often harder to tell with girls than boys.  We are not putting too much stock in that hint.  

We left the office feeling happy that the baby seemed healthy but disappointed that we still did not know the sex.  We had everyone waiting on pins and needles and now we had to call everyone and let them know that we/they would have to wait a little longer.  Not finding out the sex of the bay also meant that the shopping trip we planned for that after noon might have to be put on hold.  We have been holding off on buying anything for the baby until we find out because so much of what is out there is incredibly gendered.  It is very difficult to find cute gender neutral baby outfits.  Still, we decided that the trip must go on  – we were determined to start shopping for this baby.  We decided to go to Walmart since we had not checked out their baby selection yet. I have to say that the selection was not a good as we were hoping.  We settled on two onesies that we felt were sufficiently gender neutral – one red and one green.  

After our truncated shopping trip we came home and poured over the u/s pics for a little while.  Most of them are a bit blurry.  I wish that our u/s tech was a little more patient with the pics and tried to get a few more profiles.  But there are two that are really cute.  Dan’s favorite is a picture where our sweet sleeping baby is making a surly face. I think the baby looks like it has claws i n that picture.  My favorite is a picture of the baby’s curled up hand.  You can even see the nail beds – precious!


cd baby

April 29, 2008

Lately I have been reading cookie magazine.  I really enjoy their music section.  After looking a few of their selections up on itunes, I was amazed the number of cool kids albums. Here are a few of my favorites.  You can preview them on Amazon using the links below.

Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell, Catch the Moon
Elizabeth Mitchell, You are My Sunshine
Various Artistis, The Bottle Let Me Down
Various Artists, For the Kids 
Various Artists, For the Kids Too
Various Artists, For the Kids Three
Dan Zanes, Nightime
Frances England, Facinating Creatures 
Rene and Jeremy, It’s a Big World 


April 24, 2008

I have been incredibly touched by how generous people have been in volunteering to give us stuff for the baby.  It started with the a crib donation from Dan’s boss.  We haven’t seen it but we know that it is white and that is good enough for me.  In the last week I have been offered a pile of nice maternity clothes from my best friend’s stepsister and our pick of baby stuff from a fellow graduate student who is moving to Germany for a year. I am so grateful for their offers to help.

Being in graduate school has been a financial strain and we have become increasingly worried about how we are going to afford all of the baby stuff.  Of course our mom’s will pitch in quite a bit and I will inevitably receive a good amount of stuff from the baby showers; but there is still so much to buy.  I plan on accepting any offers for help.

When I was dreaming of having a baby I always wanted to buy new and buy specific products.  I have become a lot more realistic.  The change in my thinking is in part due to my recent interest in reuse, recycle, refurbish etc… and my desire to cut down on consumption and simplify the amount of stuff we collect and bring into our home.  Why should go out and buy something new when there are people willing to give us perfectly safe and clean products that they do not need anymore?  It just does not make sense to accumulate all of this new stuff, use it for a few years (or a few months in some cases) and then let it collect dust in out home or end up in a landfill somewhere.  

We will be buying some stuff new – things we really want/like or can’t get elsewhere.  But we will not be passing up too many donations.  We can put the money into decorating the baby’s room and buying the (slightly more expensive) green products that are important to us.  and of course all of those savings will also help us pay own for a new apartment, which we desperately need.  

on order (soon)

April 21, 2008

I have decided on two of the quilt designs for the little bean.  One is the collaborative quilt design and the other is one I will make after the baby is born (because the pattern is not available until then).  I was searching the internet for collaborative quilt designs when I came across pattern bee.  There are some really cute embroidery patterns that I think will be perfect for a small baby quilt.  I am thinking of having the girls use fabric paint rather than embroidery thread because it will be faster and everyone will be able to do it relatively quickly.  Here are some of the patterns that I really love.  

The second quilt that I am dead set on making is Denise Schmidt’s “Single Girl” using her Katie Jump Rope Fabric. I think the whole starter set costs 114.00, which is a but steep but totally worth it.  I also think that  because I am doing a smaller quilt I will have lots of fabric left over for other projects. I have to get a pre-order because I am pretty sure that they will go fast once people start talking about it.  Here is the pattern and a pic of the fabric (that I found at purl soho).


piles of blankets pt. 2

April 20, 2008

In my last post about blankets I focussed on quilts.  This time around it is all about afghans.  I know these posts are somewhat boring since I have been using the blog mainly as a way to keep track of all of the ideas I have for the baby’s room.  I might consider actually making some of these items right now if we weren’t so broke and pressed for time.  For now I’ll have to post the pics and hope for some feedback to help me figure out which projects to start.  With any luck we will be able to afford to start crafting/buying for the baby soon.  

From Top Left:
1.  pile of blankets – strikkepinnerogand
2.  giant granny – 3 peas 
3.  waves – lauraLRF 
4.  aubrey’s blanket (babette blanket) – doobs6
5.  hexagon blanket – gaellou  


piles of blankets pt. 1

April 20, 2008

This post is about blankets – specifically quilts.  After getting a little taste of the baby bedding sets out there I have decided that I would rather make some quilts and afghans (see piles of blankets pt. 2) for the baby’s room than purchase a matchy-matchy set that will not last past the infant stage.  I think handmade quilts and afghans are much more charming and add warmth to a more modern baby’s room.  The patterns  are a mix of classic, simple and modern.  I find all of these pics very inspiring. I can’t wait to order some fabric and get cracking!

From Top Left:
1.  pile of quilts – unknown
2.  multi crazy quilt (with pendants) – swallowfield
3.  multi crazy quilt –  trosper31
4.  hop skip jump (denise schmidt pattern) – unknown
5.  tan square baby quilt – lady harvatine
6.  quilt for auden (small squares) – lottielulu
7.  single girl quilt – denise schmidt
8.  copycat baby quilt – lady harvatine 

Well there they are.  I am also on the hunt for some examples of collaborative baby quilts.  I am thinking that for the shower (or a pre-baby craft party) I will have everyone make a quilt square and then incorporate it into a quilt for the baby.  I think this is sweet and fun and I have gotten some good feedback from some of the invitees about a project like this.  I think it will be much more fun and meaningful than a bunch of silly games.  So if you have any ideas, let me know.  

baby (dis)appointment

April 14, 2008

I’ll start by saying nothing is wrong.  In fact everything with the baby is going very well.  I had my monthly checkup today at the OBGYN.  We heard the heartbeat and found out that my BP is holding up well so far. So you might be wondering why I chose such a dramatic title for this post.  Here’s the reason.  This morning I was laying in bed feeling sorry for myself (I have a cold) when I felt a strange sensation in my lower abdomen – a light trembling.  I didn’t really think anything of it at first but after  about five minutes I started to think it might be the baby moving around in there.  This was incredibly exciting.  As I lay there trying to determine if this was indeed the first fluttering, I was filled with complete joy.  It went on for about fifteen minutes.  When it stopped, I called Dan to tell him.  He did not answer but walked in the door seconds later.  We were both really excited.  I was also excited to tell the PA at my OBGYN about it so that she could confirm that this sensation was consistent with the baby moving.  This is where the disappointment comes in.  Her response to what I thought was awesome news was, “It could be but most people don’t feel the baby this early.”  Well, I thought, that was deflating.  Soon after this statement she found the heartbeat and rested on it for all of five seconds – also a little disappointing.  I was expecting a little more enthusiasm – even fake enthusiasm.  There was none.  I have to admit that after this appointment I was not feeling really great about my OBGYN health team.  Maybe I was being dramatic but I was really down about it for awhile after the appointment.   After a pep talk from Dan I felt a little better.  He  pointed out that they do this so many times a day it must be hard to be “up” for each appointment.  I have decided t let it go and not get in a funk about my doctor and her team.   Besides, I am completely comfortable believing that these fluttery feelings I am getting are a result of the baby letting me know things are going fine.